Students 6th grade - 12th grade
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Belong | Believe | Become


Our vision is for all Next Generation ministry to be a place not only to attend but belong. This a basic desire of all humanity and we hope when students think of their tribe, they think of us. We believe this is best accomplished by clear vision, availability, modeling our expectations through love, warmth, and hospitality. Belonging is not only a wish we have for students but for our parents. We are a family and want everyone to feel at home no matter where they are in their understanding of how much God loves them.


We believe Jesus is the source of life in every possible way and only through him are we made right with God. It is our deepest desire that our students believe in and trust in Jesus. Everything in scripture points to Jesus and everything we teach points to him as well. Our hope is that students will have a deep and passionate love for Jesus and place their faith in Him.


We desire to be more like Jesus. Every talk, event, hangout is all crafted so that students are becoming more like Him. We want to cultivate a desire in their hearts to pursue Jesus in their everyday life. This is developed by helping our students understand that they have a story, they belong to the body of Christ and they experience transformation by experiencing the love of God.

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