Keep Showing Up is the story of an evangelical Christian church founded in an unlikely place: Utah Valley, the spiritual epicenter of a culture dominated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, home to Brigham Young University and an overwhelmingly Mormon populace.

It is a book that asks, "Can a non-Mormon church survive in a place like Utah?" and answers that question with resounding certainty. Written by Scott McKinney, who has served as pastor of CenterPoint Church since 1989, Keep Showing Up chronicles one small church's humble beginnings and its eventual growth into a thriving local church at the center point of LDS culture.

More than a chronicle of growth against the odds, it also provides a Biblical approach to building bridges and forging mutual respect by speaking the truth in love. Comprised of more than three decades of experience living and working in a primarily LDS community, Scott McKinney's words are an encouragement to leaders of churches in similar positions elsewhere-a handy blueprint of sorts that seeks to encourage church leaders the world over to "keep showing up" with the Good News of Jesus Christ.