When we understand the gospel and the exorbitant amount of love and grace displayed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we cannot help but be in awestruck wonder of God. It is the gospel message that draws us in, gives us strength, and joy, and peace as we go out and live our lives for His glory. This is worship. It is not so much of a specific action but more of a lifestyle.

One of the ways that we at CenterPoint Church encourage a lifestyle of worshipping God is through song. We sing songs that are joyful and powerful, songs that proclaim His word and teach of His love and grace, songs that highlight His strength and our need for Him. We encourage all who attend either of our two services to participate in worship by singing with us, raising hands, or just being still.

CenterPoint has two similar but different services on Sunday mornings. They are similar because they both have the same songs, structure, and message. For those who enjoy a quieter service of worship, we recommend heading to our 9:45 am service. Those who attend our 11:15 am service will enjoy a fuller and livelier dynamic. 

Interested in serving on our worship team?